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15 week old never naps

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LooeyLou Sun 23-Mar-14 15:08:48

I need some advice, my ds is15 weeks old and doesn't really sleep at all in the day apart from if I've walked him in the pushchair or he's fallen asleep in the car.

He will fall asleep in the sling eventually but I would love for him to have even some sleep in his Moses basket or swing during the day as I can see he needs it.

I don't know how to do this though as we co sleep and he falls asleep feeding at about 9 and will go down in his Moses basket then will wake and co sleep from then through until morning waking feeding and sleeping again.

If I tried to put him for a nap he just screams,what can I do? any advice would be great fully appreciated.

Mummyonthehill Sun 23-Mar-14 16:06:15

Pram in the house? Push it around until asleep if needed, then again for any little wakes. This worked brilliantly for us until around 15 weeks when noises started to wake him and the pram trick stopped working.
Can he nap on you for an hour? Feed to sleep, put your feet up and maybe both of you get some rest?
My baby goes into is cot ok at night, but will scream if I try to attempt it in the day, even in his blacked-out bedroom.

LooeyLou Sun 23-Mar-14 16:26:20

Thanks for the advice will try it, glad I'm not the only one think I'll scream if anyone else tells me there baby of the same she has two hours in their cot at lunchtime! smile

LooeyLou Sun 23-Mar-14 16:26:38


LooeyLou Sun 23-Mar-14 16:27:02

*age not she! Silly phone!

Estrellita Sun 23-Mar-14 17:22:33

My DD couldn't settle herself down in cot til age 2. Up until 6 months all naps were in sling or on me. I started being able to transfer to cot after then but only if fed and rocked and fully asleep. Then she would maybe do 30 minutes, if eyes didn't ping open right on being put down. I found if easiest to go round the block in the buggy a few times, then park her in the hall. Or lay down on my bed together, and then sneak away ones asleep...or more often, nap myself. I remember being in tears hearing of babies who could be put down when sleepy and then drift off right away or even with 5 minutes of fussing. And then sleep for 2 hours. I didn't get one of those... But she's brilliant now. Just asked for cup and cot and climbed into bed, and she will usually do an hour after lunch. She's just turned 2.

keepitgoing Mon 24-Mar-14 10:04:39

dd is 19 weeks. I used to have yo keep the pram moving but recently can stop jiggling once she's asleep and she will do 30 mins. it was either that or sleep on me but the last week I have started a nap routine and laying her on my bed next to me. am gradually moving away and she has done 1.5 hours in the cot on Saturday first time ever I was crouched out of sight on the floor the whole time reading waiting for her to wake up

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