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which bedside crib for newborn in a tiny space?

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joaninha103 Sun 23-Mar-14 14:33:38

I'm hoping to get a bedside crib or similar for when LO arrives, but have very limited space beside my bed and need access to drawers/cupboards right where the crib will sit (joys of fitted furniture in a tiny room!) so it needs to be collapsible/moveable. All the moses baskets and stands I've looked at seem very flimsy - is that just how they are, or do you get 'better' ones? also looking at Chicco next2me crib,default,pd.html but think it won't quite fit sad also don't really want to be spending ££ on something LO will only use for a few months! What have other mums used and was it any good? Glad for any recommendations! TIA

Happ2 Tue 25-Mar-14 09:15:18

We also wanted to minimise our spend but get bedside crib. We saw a demo of the Bednest at baby show in Manchester. The lady was an antenatal teacher and showed so many features. We looked at Chicco - but you can't lift the crib off the stand. And you can't close the side once open without unstrapping whole thing from your bed. It's also a bit flimsy IMHO. We rented the Bednest for £79. Will last six months - twice as long as Moses basket. Then when finished with it Bednest collect it. (We used code SHOW20 to get that price - don't know if it will work now. - also it's only for Bednests website - doesn't work on NCT website.)

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