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Should I leave my 8 week old to cry??!!

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Ellen996 Sat 22-Mar-14 13:32:47

My dd is 8weeks old and although she will now go to sleep in her Moses basket in the evening and through the night, during the day she will only go to sleep in her sling/car seat/being pushed in pram.

I have tried multiple time putting her down in basket when I see sleepy signs (rubbing eyes and yawning) but she just lays there and after a couple of mins cries her heart out sad my brother(who has 2 ds's) and dad visited yesterday and said that I should just let her cry for 5 or 10 mins and she will eventually go to sleep but I tried leaving her this morning and she just got really distressed and took ages to calm down.

Are they right about leaving her to cry ( I really hate doing this) or should I just face the fact that she doesn't want to sleep in basket in the day?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

MyNameIsKenAdams Sat 22-Mar-14 13:35:50

She is way way too young to leave her to cry. She can nap in the day - just at the minute she prefers sling or pram. If it aint broke.

Just push her in the pram in the living room?

outtheothersidefinally Sat 22-Mar-14 13:37:08

I know it's hard, but follow your instinct. Not what your family say!

Your baby will soon sleep away from you through the day and in the meantime enjoy holding her while she sleeps. Use it as an excuse to put your feet up more!

BrokenBananaTantrum Sat 22-Mar-14 13:38:13

She is too young to leave sorry. Pop her in her sling??

missjulia Sat 22-Mar-14 13:39:06

she is just tiny... she is still just getting used to being in the world and just needs cuddled I would say...or in a sling if you need free hands? or try popping her in her snowsuit with some white noise, it might make her feel more secure?

missjulia Sat 22-Mar-14 13:40:34


JuniperHeartwand Sat 22-Mar-14 13:41:12

Should I leave my 8 week old to cry??!!


She is so young, she just wants to be close to you (so let her nap when being cuddled or in a sling) or with the constant movement/sound of the car or a pram. That's normal.

It sounds amazing that she sleeps so well in the moses basket at night to be honest.

WeeClype Sat 22-Mar-14 13:41:30

No don't leave a 8 week old to cry, I have a 4 month old and she's great at night but has most naps on me during the day.

JabberJabberJay Sat 22-Mar-14 13:41:40

God no, don't leave her to cry! She's far too young for that.

It's great she will sleep in her moses basket at night. Is it really a problem if she will only sleep in the pram/sling/car seat during the day?

My DC liked napping in a baby swing at that age. Maybe try that? And tell your dad to mind his own business.

redcaryellowcar Sat 22-Mar-14 13:43:15

Don't leave her to cry she is a tiny baby, pick her up give her lots of cuddle, don't worry about the housework, she will learn to sleep on her own, or with a little help from you, but for now, borrow a copy of no cry sleep solution from the library andread it as she naps on you or in her pushchair, when my ds was smaller and would only nap if pushed i would take him for a walk then once he was properly asleep stop for a drink or a read, was a good way of forcing me to get some exercise and fresh air!

Ellen996 Sat 22-Mar-14 14:06:05

Thanks for all of the speedy replies. Glad that I asked peoples opinions as I was worried I was getting her into bad habits after what they said!

I'll carry on as I am for now. (Dd currently having a nap in sling whilst I write)

Juniperheartwand-sleeping in Moses basket at night only a recent, but most welcome development!

Jabberjabberjay- have tried swing but to no avail. As she will sleep in sling which allows me to do things anyway I have some ability to get on with things!

Trooperslane Sat 22-Mar-14 14:16:26

My 7 month old is a terrible napper.

I just put her in the pram irrespective of weather and walk her for fucking miles.

I wouldn't leave her to cry even now.

Estrellita Sat 22-Mar-14 15:15:05

Trust your instincts and do what you feel is best...always! My DD was a horrendous sleeper who really struggled at night. As a newborn she suffered from colic, reflux and allergy issues. She was waking every 2-3 hours at age 1 and didn't start managing a regular 4-6 hour stretch until 18 months. Sleep training was completely ineffective. We tried a "gentle" method but it was anything but! So I broke every sleep rule in the baby books - and now have a happy, affectionate 2 year old who asks to get in her cot at bedtime, peacefully settles, and then sleeps a solid 12 hours. But I had to wait until she was ready, sooner for some babies than others.

Everyone told me to leave her to cry. When she was going through an especially rough patch at around 8 months due to allergies, I was advised by her pediatrician to stop all night feeds, offer only water, not pick her up if she cried, and leave her "for a few hours if necessary". We lived in a flat at the time with neighbors on all sides and incredibly thin walls, so that was never going to work. Over and over and over I was told to ignore her needs by friends, family and medical professionals. Mil said we were spoiling her. That if we let her in our bed at night, we'd never get her out. So untrue! She hasn't co slept in 5 months. So easy to say 'let them cry' when it's not your child. I'm glad I followed my instincts. It was hard at times, but worth it.

Tranquilitybaby Sat 22-Mar-14 23:08:34

No I don't a child of any child should be left to cry themselves to sleep but that's another topic.

She's been inside for 9 months and she needs you to be close now. Invest in a good sling if you don't have one so you can keep her close all the time xx

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