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First molars coming through. Help please

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minipie Thu 20-Mar-14 10:44:18

DD 16mo was up about a million times last night and then awake for the day at 5 (and she doesn't go to bed till 8.30).

We gave her nurofen at first waking and then again at 5am but it doesn't seem to have stopped multiple wakings in between.

She's been teething for a couple of weeks but last night was the worst so far. Any other tips to help her (and us) sleep?

Also, any ideas as to how long this will last? She has got half of one pre molar through but no sign of the others breaking through yet <sigh>

Such a rubbish system for getting teeth.

BotBotticelli Thu 20-Mar-14 20:25:56

Hi Minipie <waves>!

Ah your LO is always doing the same thing as mine! DS1 is now 15.5mo and since xmas he has cut 4 molars and I can also see the two bottom canines just below the gum.

We have had multiple night wakings recently and early starts for the day (0520....bleee!). What has worked for us is:

Nurofen when he wakes in the night, and then lying on his bedroom floor next to the cot (in dark, total silence) with one hand through the bars for him to snuggle until he goes back to sleep. (disclaimer: a couple of times he thought it was playtime when we did after waiting 15 mins for the drugs to work, whilst he giggled and blew raspberries and sucked my fingers, I then jsut whispered goodnight it's sleepytime now and left the room....cue screaming histrionics, which lasted about 5 minutes until he calmed down and whimpered himself back off to sleep. No sign of any lasting damage...!).

If he wakes again, Calpol and repeat.

The whole thing lasted just over 2 weeks and now all the molars are through he is back to sleeping 7-6.....bliss!!

Fingers crossed your LO comes thourgh the other side soon!

minipie Thu 20-Mar-14 20:37:56

Hello! Thanks for replying. You sound ahead of us on the teeth front, we only have one poking through. 2 weeks is manageable.. <reaches for matchsticks>

We can generally get her back to sleep quite easily with cuddles when she wakes (until it's past 5 in which case not a chance) so don't need to be too tough about leaving her to wail (though happy to do that at other times when necessary!). It's just that there are soooo many wakings. Adding Calpol into the mix as well as Nurofen is a good idea, I will do that.

She's been ill for ages before the teething started, so sleeping through is a distant memory by now. Here's hoping it's only 2 weeks!

slightlyconfused85 Fri 21-Mar-14 21:24:31

My DD is also 16 months - she was an early teether but we were at this stage at about 12-13 months. 2-3 weeks before it was over; she didn't wake up multiple times - just once but would stay awake for up to 3 hours! I can only suggest the triple whammy of calpol, neurofen and teething gel. She went back to normal and now again sleeps from 7 until anytime between 6 and 7 (usually closer to 6 at the moment to be honest).

minipie Sat 22-Mar-14 13:20:11

Adding in calpol at second waking helped last night - only 2 wakings and sensible wake up time of 6.30 so still not great but a lot better than some of our recent nights. Thanks for the advice.

FreeButtonBee Sat 22-Mar-14 22:15:46

Yes, a strict nurofen at bedtime then calpol 3 hours later, then nurofen again 3 hours after that is the only way forward.

Good luck

we are 6/8 first molars down (twins!) plus 2/8 canines (I hate to say it but they are worse!). I find it's best to intervene immediately and get the drugs into them and cuddle back to sleep rather than pissing about trying to resettle without assistance. Once there is any type of consciousness roused, I find we can be up for 2 hours or more.

On the up side, we are starting to get some actual STTN now fromDTD (who is ahead in the teeth front and was the worst sleeper of the two until recently).

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