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Toddler doesn't settle on the evenings of the day I work!!

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JoeyWally Wed 19-Mar-14 20:42:58

My 18 month old daughter has always settled really well. Sometimes without a noise. I have been back at work for 6 months and she has been great up until a couple of weeks ago when on the nights I work she takes 1-2 hours to settle and gets extremely upset (making that horrible hyperventilating noise that breaks your heart)

She goes to bed at about 7-7.30 and is sleeping 1-3pm each day (only swapped to 1 nap a couple of months ago - she has always loved her naps) and absolutely adores her child minder (as do I ). On my days off (I work three days and I am off Wednesday and Thursday and weekends) she always goes down perfectly when I have been with her. She is with our child minder on Monday and Tuesday and with my in laws on a Friday

I thought about minimising the lunch nap but doesn't make sense as she sleeps fine on the days I don't work. She is a busy little thing and doesn't stop all day. We have a wind down routine of bath, in the night garden, milk etc. which works well but on the days I work I give her little warnings about going to bed and yet she starts saying no and getting upset and asking to see the zoo app on phone etc and lots of little distractions. She screams the minute I leave her room and sometimes she gets so upset I take her into my room to read a book or my husband or I sit with her for up to an hour until she goes off. Often she will notice we are leaving room and get upset again. We have key her cry before but she just gets herself in a state (I don't think of my self as a soft mum and can listen to her have a little cry for a bit - she was a colicky baby so we are used to crying!) Do you think it's just a phase ?? Mixed with Separation anxiety and just more aware and wants to be with me? My husband picks her up from nursery and has a good hour with her and I work in London so don't get to see her for more than about half an hour. I hate seeing her so upset and it's making me feel guilty for working!! Any thoughts or advice welcome. Help! I feel like I have a newborn again ! Although she sleeps through the night until at least 6.30-7am once she does finally go down.

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