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moving from Moses basket to cot

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bearcubs Tue 18-Mar-14 03:40:07

My did is 6m and we have decided its time to move her into her own room and into her cot. She has slept in our room in a Moses basket since birth. Her sleep has never been that good but at least she would sleep in the basket. We have had her in her travel cot still in our room for the past two nights, but after she wakes at around 11.30 she wont sleep for any longer than 30mins in it. I know I need to stick with it but finding it hard sent as I've been always tired for the past 6m. I also have a 3yo ds who wont let me sleep during the day. Any advice?

NickyEds Tue 18-Mar-14 16:35:56

I'm not sure I'd carry on with the travel cot in your room unless that is where dd is always going to sleep- isn't it just one more thing to change later? We moved DS from his moses to his cot at 9 weeks (we're sleeping in the nursery) by putting him in his moses and putting the moses in his cot. Did this for 2 nights then just put him straight into cot and he was fine. We're still in the room though so you could also try bunking in her room for a night or 2 until she gets used to it!

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