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Revdog82 Mon 17-Mar-14 08:14:44


Any advice would be great. My lovely baby boy is 3 months old and has never slept brilliantly through the night, in the early days he use to wake every hour for a feed (ebf)but by some miracle the last week and a bit he has really settled he goes down at 7.30pm and wakes about 3 am for feed and then sleeps til 6am, the champagne nearly came out of the fridge until the last couple of evenings. He goes to sleep fine but wakes up every hour because he keeps drawing his knees into his chest the Slamming his feet down, now I'm guessing he is trying to get trapped wind or make a present in his nappy for me but he's never done this before and is always well winded. Has anyone else had this if so is there anything I can give him to help to help ease his discomfort through the night ?

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