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Poorly baby waking every hour - 2 weeks now!

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Firelilly67 Sat 15-Mar-14 06:44:52

Help me!!

My 5 mo DD got a cold and a nasty cough a few weeks ago, she's fine and now in the tail end of it. She is fully breastfed and I have been trying to feed her as much as possible during the day so that she sleeps better at night. She used to sleep 9-8 with only one feed at 5.

Now, during the day she seems 100% fine, not even a runny nose and she will settle herself down just fine for a nap wherever she happened to be at the time. At night however it's like Jekyll and Hyde! She will not go to sleep without a feed. She wakes up every 45 mins - 2 hours and will not settle back down without a feed.

I'm worried that I'm creating the wrong kind of behaviour now by feeding her to sleep she is not learning to self settle, but then is she's thirsty and got a dry mouth or a sore throat for her cold I can't deny her a drink!

Has anyone else had this? Any advice!? I'm so tired, feel like I'm losing the will to live!

Firelilly67 Mon 17-Mar-14 15:36:18

Anyone? She's still waking up every hour and it's been nearly three weeks! What can I do!? X

TheGreatHunt Mon 17-Mar-14 15:39:47

5 month sleep regression plus growth spurt.....

DelBot123 Mon 17-Mar-14 18:49:41

Sounds like a nightmare. It does sound like sleep regression. I would carry on doing what you're doing, like you say she might still be feeling a little off it and just want comfort. There will be opportunities in the near future to go back to what you were doing. Im sure this whole self settling thing is a myth cooked up by sleep training authors to make a quick book. My lo has always been bf to sleep and can self settle. Have a look at the sleep regression thread for survival tips. Good luck xx

cakebaby Mon 17-Mar-14 19:37:59

Hi firelilly poor you! Hang in there, my ds had 3 weeks of d&v at 4 months waking hourly needing nappy changes or projectile vomiting. It was hideous and nearly broke me but he was poorly and there was nothing I could do but go with it. We also suffered terribly due to 4 month regression after that. We co slept which helped & I was worried about sleep associations too but things are sorting themselves out slowly now.

Come over to the sleep regression part 2 thread!

Firelilly67 Fri 21-Mar-14 21:19:15

Thanks All, will have a look at sleep regression thread. She's now waking more like every 20-30 mins and it's been over a month since she has slept more than three hours straight!

I might try co sleeping if that has helped you cakebaby, would be lovely just even to have one night to recharge my batteries grin

Thanks again, you're all great thanks

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