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2 year old sleep problems - please help me!

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lollypop760 Thu 13-Mar-14 13:54:43

My youngest has never been the greatest sleeper yet things improved drastically (for the better) about 3 months ago when his last molar appeared. He started sleeping much better in the afternoon and at night - all the way through. It was great!

Unfortunately, he appears to be going through some kind of sleep regression again. I say again as he had it for about a week around 18 months but it didn't appear as bad as it is now. He will be 2 in a few weeks.

For the past 4 nights he has been really difficult to settle at bedtime. Some nights he's gone down instantly, then awakes about an hour later crying. Last night he cried the moment he was put down to sleep and would only settle if I sat near his cot. I gradually retreated and that worked, yet he woke again at 12am. I left him to self settle but he'd got himself into such a state that after 5 minutes, went in and shushed, patted, lay him down and went out. Instantly cried again, waited a bit longer his time, repeated same thing and waited even longer, about 15 minutes. This went on for hours! I eventually thought that if he was happier having me in his room then I'd lay next to his cot but he didn't want me to lay down, he wanted to see me. Every slightest move he was awake and would only lie down and not cry if I was next to his cot. Eventually at 3.30 am when I couldn't sit up any longer I lay down but held his hand through the bars of the cot so he knew I was there. This seemed to work as I was able to move my hand away within a few minutes (after he'd checked I was there about 25 times!) and he fell asleep, so did I unfortunately with a sore back this morning.

I just bought a night light hoping that it would help him if he was scared but it appeared to make no difference last night.

I clearly don't want to be lying in his bedroom for hours on end tonight again, particularly as I am in early pregnancy with my 3rd, so what can I do?

Any help or anyone else been through same thing? Can they have yet another sleep regression at 2?

Thanks in advance

minipie Thu 13-Mar-14 14:10:06

My DD is younger but I have heard there are sleep regressions at 18 months and at 2 years and the 2 year one is supposed to be worse so sounds like your DS is following the textbook perfectly... hopefully it will pass soon!

lollypop760 Thu 13-Mar-14 14:18:23

Oh really? Just don't remember his with my eldest. Not sure I could have another night on the floor. Think my husband needs to have a go tonight smile thanks for replying

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