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18mo waking very angry and tantruming for hours at night.

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estya Thu 13-Mar-14 10:04:21

We night weaned DS (18 months) about 6 weeks ago and it all went really well (this followed a dreadful few months sleeping wise). He started sleeping through some nights and was easy to settle on the nights he woke once or twice.
Then he got a virus and was snotty and coughing so waking up loads but didn't need feeding to get back to sleep and we were confident that we'd be able to get back to good sleep when he got better.

However...... Since the end of last week he has been waking loads but is so angry he won't let us resettle him. It could be that he is in pain but calpol hasn't made any difference. He is off his food at the moment but when we offer a drink of milk it gets thrown across the room although his nappy is dry in the morning (not normal) and he isn't especially hungry or thirsty in the morning. He doesn't want to be picked up, screams and tries to be put back down. He throws his toys out, deliberatly bangs his head on the side of the cot, pulls the sheet up etc. We sit by the cot, ssssh etc and try to touch him if he'll let us but there isn't much he'll tolerate without getting even more angry. He is obviously tired, though.

At the start of the night he doesn't last long before konking out and going back to sleep for an hour or so but the wakings get longer as the night goes on and from about 4am he just tantrums until I take him downstairs at 6. In fact he isn't happy until I feed him. He doesn't feed like he is hungry, just wants the comfort (don't blame him after getting so upset) and won't take other food first, even biscuits etc.

We've been riding this out for nearly a week now and he's getting worse. so I'm looking for some advice.
Could it be developmental? - he does seem to be changing quickly at the moment and in the week has suddenly gone from being a baby to a toddler who is loving discovering the world. But I thought developmental wakings were buzzing with energy, not like this.
We thought it was teething but he was dosed up with calpol last night and it didn't make any difference.
Could he be hungry but just not eating for some reason? He's looking very skinny, he lost his appetite when he was ill a couple of weeks ago and hasn't really got it back. The dry nappies in the morning worry me.
What can we do to help him and us to get more sleep?

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