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Any tips for early risers?

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DietCokeMultipackCan Wed 12-Mar-14 21:40:51

My 4yo has always been an early waker but lately has been waking up at around 4.30/5 am and getting into our bed to wait for DH's alarm at 6.

Sometimes he doesn't wake us up at all, others he can be very fidgety and restless and want to have whole conversations on all sorts of topics. If I wake, I try and put him back to sleep and not engage but once awake, he seems to usually be awake for the day, very much as I am, although he is good at staying in bed until the alarm goes off.

He is always very tired at bedtime and goes to sleep very well at 7pm. I wonder if there could be some sort of growth spurt going on. I have been up very early with him for the past three days and am quite tired myself. He has been strung out and tantrum-my, I think probably out of tiredness as school is a very long day for him with such an early start.

Has anyone been through similar? How is best to approach?

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