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Early Wakening

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wog Sat 13-Mar-04 10:04:58

Hi everybody just wanted to give you all a laugh about my perfect GF angel that I keep telling you all about. DD is 20mnths and has been sleeping through since she was 10 weeks 7 - 7 or 7.30 now for the last 3 mornings she has decided to wake up at 6 but there is nothing wrong with her she is not distressed or hungary as she will play with her toys while I try to wake up so what has changed????

hercules Sat 13-Mar-04 10:53:01


Mo2 Sat 13-Mar-04 12:03:52

Getting lighter earlier - mine are doing it too...

Beryl Sat 13-Mar-04 13:46:38


.....put up 2 layers of blackout over the window and check that there are absolutely no chinks of light coming through or under the door. My dd will sleep through til 7 or later but only in total darkness! I took this advice from Gina Ford's book and it works.

wog Sat 13-Mar-04 14:17:00

I knew that would give you a giggle hercules.
Mo2 you say mine how may kids do you have - do they play with each other till you stir proparly.
Beryl thanks I think you could be right as her curtains are not lined with black out material so i think the light is shimmering in at the side of her blackout blind.

Mo2 Sat 13-Mar-04 14:28:59

Sadly not - they are 4 and 19 months, but in separate rooms, so they just wake us up.. we are thinking of putting them in the same room soon, but the youngest is still in a cot, so will just scream until we get him out...

wog Sat 13-Mar-04 14:38:52

Are the both boys or one of each - you ds is the youngest, but the good thing is they only have 2.5 years between them so it wont be long

Evita Sat 13-Mar-04 20:48:34

Alas, dd is waking earlier too. We'd just got into a nice 7-7.30am waking time and now we're getting our morning call 6-6.30.

Do you put them to bed earlier to compensate?!

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