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6m wont sleep duing day and restless at night.

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georgeandemily2014 Tue 11-Mar-14 04:15:11

Hi my dd is 6 months and has never really slept in the during the day, partly due to older ds not letting her, partly she won't let herself. 9/10 times I'll get her off to sleep put her down and she will wake and will refuse to go back off, most of the time having 20mins or less. She is able to sleep for longer at night, but most of the time wakes 3-4 times. Is it something I'm doing or just the way she is? Advice please? Thanks
(ds is 3ys) confused

redcaryellowcar Tue 11-Mar-14 04:18:50

I read no cry sleep solution when ds was around 8m as (without older sibling )ds was waking ever hour ire two and only having one or twimo very short naps. The book was full of really good ideas which you could implement to get better sleep. I can highly recommend it!

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