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Water to help go through the night?

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MaryHughes Mon 10-Mar-14 20:25:27

Does anyone know how much water it is safe to give a 3 month old? My baby is 3.5 months old and on the 95th centime for weight and the 91st for height. He is a very easy very contented baby but still wakes at 11pm and 3.30am and bolts 7oz of formula each time. He has five feeds during the day of up to 7oz each so some days he is having almost 50 oz which is obviously ridiculous. Family members have suggested that he might just be thirsty rather than hungry and that I should give him water when he wakes at 3.30. My first child was breast fed so I didn't give water until he was over 6 months old. I understand that you can give water to formula fed babies but I'm not sure how much I should let him have. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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