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11mo sleep

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alexandrawalters Mon 10-Mar-14 16:09:56

Hello- first post! Grateful for any tips/advice. I have an 11 month old baby girl and she's always been a good sleeper. She's fallen into a good routine, and currently is up at 6 (although sleeps later on occasion, 7 is her limit), naps 9-11, naps again 2-4 (although sometimes this one is more like 3-5) and then goes to bed at 8. This seems like an awful lot of sleep, which is great on the one hand, but on the other hand I suspect she's still having her epic naps because she's doing 10 hours at night, rather than 12ish.

The weird thing is that if we're out and about, she'll sometimes have a very short morning nap but can still go right through to 2pm without too much grumbling. If that happens, she often will have a really good sleep the next night, but not too different from usual. That seems odd to me. The other thing is that she has started waking at night every few nights. Early hours of the morning she'll wake and start babbling, sometimes has a dirty nappy (separate problem- this has started happening at night!) other times just needs a bit of a cuddle before settling back down. All other times she self-soothes.

So- given that she's waking at night now and again, I'm wondering if I should be altering her routine. Either drop to one nap (seems a big step!) or shorten one or both of them? Does anyone have any experience of similar that they could share? I also get the impression her second nap is quite late and that they're normally more like late lunchtime rather than 2/3pm?

Obviously she's coming up for a year old, so there are changes to come to her routine in terms of swapping formula for cows milk, so it seems a good time to address the sleeping also!



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