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5 month old bedtime/waketime- am I doing it wrong?

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KikiShack Sun 09-Mar-14 23:00:01

Hoping someone can advise.
DD's sleep changes seemingly every week or two, but I'm trying to see patterns and trying to work out when she should be put down for bed.
Unfortunately her naps are somewhat irregular! She stays awake for exactly 2 hours between naps, then the naps vary in length from about 25 mins to a couple of hours, so the day ends at very different times, and sometimes she has 3 naps and sometimes 4.
If I had to try and define the average I'd guess:
6.15 wake
8.15-9 nap
11-12.30 nap
2.30-3.15 nap
5.15-5.45 nap
then I aim to get her asleep around 7.15 and it works sometimes, other times she doesn't go down till 8ish, only occasionally is it worse than that.
Then she'll wake between 1 and 4 times in the night, normally falling back asleep either being soothed or fed depending on how long since her last feed. In addition to these night wakes (which I count as after I go to bed around 10.30) she'll often wake 1, 2, 3 or occasionally more times in the evening. I'll normally soothe her back to sleep quite easily for these, rarely will I feed only if DP messes up soothing her and makes her go mad
So...this totals 3.5 hrs daytime and she normally gets about 10hrs overnight, so 13.5 in total.
Is this enough? If not, where should I be getting extra sleep in? The only non-movable is her waking time, I won't move it past 6.30 as then she wouldn't see her dad all week.
Should I work on elongating naps to have 4-5 hrs daytime asleep, or should I move her bedtime forward so she's going down at 6?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for the very boring post!!

KikiShack Mon 10-Mar-14 04:45:17


Sid77 Mon 10-Mar-14 05:17:04

My DS is the same age. He has three naps a day of about 30 mins each. That's the most I can get, his eyes ping open and that's it after 30 mins. He goes off to sleep between 8-9pm, has a dream feed at 11, then wakes between 3-4 for another feed and is up between 6 and 7 for the day. This adds up to about 11ish hours (on a good day) over 24. He seems fine, is grumpy from 6pm onwards, but I cannot get him to nap for longer (or anywhere other than on me, but that's another story). According to 'the books' he should be sleeping a fair bit more - but hey, he seems fine. I have friends whose babies are barely awake, but mine seems fine! He is DS2 and I'm much more relaxed about the whole sleep thing second time round. I think I'm trying to say don't sweat it! If she's happy (on the whole as they all get grumpy when tired) and healthy then it's all good smile

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