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6.5mo 3+ night wakings for food help!!

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poocatcherchampion Sat 08-Mar-14 09:43:30

Ive had enough of my little ones sleeping pattern and we need to make changes.

she is 6 and half months and a decent weight. (not weighed for ages tbh). she has just been diagnosed with posterior tongue tie and upper lie tie which will will probably have revised. I am not sure if we should wait for the revision before trying something re sleep.

she shares a room with her sister who is 2. there are other rooms available but all further away. also a cot in our room.

problem is she wakes every night at 11, 3 and 6 for a feed. occasionally only 2 times. the first waking is the hardest as I am normally just dropping off. after 6am I generally dont get back to sleep so my sleeping time is 12-6 with a half an hour wake in the middle. she often has pooed at 3-4am too.

the only thing I can think of it waking her at 9.30-10 when I'd like to go to bed. but I worry she will just wake next at 1 ish.

she does seem hungry and eats quite a bit. the tongue ties are relevant as I cannot be sure she is filling up enough. she has slep through 4 times. in a row a few weeks ago.

has anyone got suggestions?

poocatcherchampion Sat 08-Mar-14 14:05:58

oh no! no replies.. anyone out there?

YokoUhOh Sat 08-Mar-14 14:11:49

Hi there, a much more qualified person will be along in a bit, but DS is 16 months and still wakes for a feed or two. We co-sleep and I think the sucking comforts him. 6 months is still tiny, and things do gradually change over the next few months, but my view is that babies need their mums during the night, even if just for a cuddle. You could try the No Cry Sleep Solution or Dr Jay Fordon, but I think a lot of the methods are designed for older babies. Good luck and enjoy your little one smile

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