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5 am starts...

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NewFish Fri 07-Mar-14 05:59:02

My girls are 5 and 3. Daddy is British forces and is away until June. We're in 3rd week without him and both girls are waking at 5 or just put after and either waking each other up by crying or talking, or getting upset cos I won't let them get up.
They're both exhausted. Both of them have mouth ulcers from being run down (it runs in our family sad ).

I've tried an earlier bed time, makes no difference. They are both currently not allowed to put lights on and are kept in bed with very low night lights on and told to try and get back to sleep. They both begrudgingly do it. But just lie there and wait for me to come in.
I thought maybe I should just put them down later but it makes no difference. They're moods are so grumpy and fractious and they very often ask to go to bed earlier cos they're so tired.
Any suggestions?

purplemurple1 Fri 07-Mar-14 07:16:13

Could you try a Saturday treat of a warm milk, hot chocolate or ovaltine type drink in the morning and then back to bed for a bit more sleep.

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