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5 month old with 'flappy arms' - constant waking

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afrikat Thu 06-Mar-14 22:19:54

My 5 month old hit the 4 month regression about 6 weeks ago and we have pretty much been having 1-2 hour wake ups ever since. His naps have also gone to pot - it is really difficult to get him down and he will often only sleep for 40 minutes

I think part of the problem is whenever he is put down for a nap or to sleep he flaps his arms around, hitting out his dummy (which he then wants back) and then eating his hand. This means whilst we can put him down 'sleepy but awake' one of us has to gently hold his arms to stop him flapping them around to allow him to get to sleep. Then pretty much every time he comes out of a sleep cycle, the same thing. It's impossible to get him to self settle because of all the flapping and flailing around! He is too old to be swaddled (he has always hated it anyway) so is there anything else we could try?? Or will he eventually stop doing it and hopefully start actually sleeping again?

LucyBabs Thu 06-Mar-14 22:21:53

Yes we had this problem with ds.

We swaddled him till he was a year old blush

afrikat Fri 07-Mar-14 00:04:00

What did you swaddle with LucyBabs?

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