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I'm really struggling now

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CarlyRose80 Thu 06-Mar-14 11:53:59

Hi. I've posted before about LO and his night sleep, but it's still a problem and he is now 15 months. Last night (recommended by a friend) I crushed a rusk into his bedtime bottle and he drank it all as normal and slept fairly well till around 3.30 where from that point he would not go back to sleep. He woke once or twice made a noise then went back to sleep prior to this. But at 3.30 I had to go into him (2 school age children also asleep) I gave him some water and laid him back the right way but he continued to whinge and moan and shout out till about 4.30 till I took him to settle him downstairs - this still didn't help so put him back in his cot at 6 where he watched toy story. He's just gone to sleep at 11.15. It's mad, I don't understand what's going on. He had a full bottle at 4am and even this didn't help. He's always woke up during the night and I don't know what to do anymore. I'm completely run down and shattered plus I have a day job and it's impacting on everything now. I've tried everything to encourage him to sleep through but nothing seems to help. xx

stopeatingbiscuits Thu 06-Mar-14 21:55:47

Honestly? - it will be really tough and prob take a few weeks but you need to stop getting him out of his bed in the night. Stay with him / soothe him / go in and out to shush etc but at this age if he is eating in the day he shouldn't be waking from hunger so you need to teach him that night time is for sleeping in his bed. If he knows you will take him downstairs / put a movie on then he will want you to continue to do this at 3am or whatever.

It will be really hard but you need to be consistent every time you go in.

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