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NCSS summary please

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stillhopefulforanother Sun 02-Mar-14 07:24:15

I'm interested in trying the NCSS for my DD.

At the moment she is 5 months so I am going to wait a month and then start it. She is breastfed to sleep for naps and nightime. She usually wakes twice at night which I know isn't too bad but keen to instill good habits.

I don't have time to read the book as I have a toddler and go to bed early!

Could someone give me a summary of what the approach is?


MostlyCake Sun 02-Mar-14 07:34:00

We've got the No Cry Nap Solution. Might be same/similar?
Basically, find a routine which suits you for bedtime so maybe dinner at 5, sone playtime then bath at 6, story and bed. Stick to the routine in that you don't take them back downstairs once they're in bed but vary the times and content if the routine until it works.

Watch really closely for sleepy cues - unfocused stare, not interested in food or toys, rubbing eyes and get the bedtime routine going - skip bits if it looks like you're heading for meltdown.

I like the ncns book and found it was easy to skim the bits I needed to read - there's sections on sleep problems for example which might be useful for you if there's something specific.

I also like that it treated you as adults who were able to devise your own solutions - it's not a rigid routine, more a series of helpful suggestionsI mean.

hope this helps - I only read a wee bit of it and it worked with my son! If you have a kindle app on your phone I managed to skim it while bf.

Bestbees Sun 02-Mar-14 07:46:58

Hi still hopeful

I am using this book to help my awful sleep with my twins who are 7 months. I will try and get better summary for u when I have time but I really recommend buying it as there are lots of different ideas. I have been working on the pantley pull off, essentially taking baby of the breast before they are completely asleep. Mine now go to bed at night with being fed to sleep. Mind u they still wake a lot during the night!

Would love to have a buddy to go thorough the process together.


stillhopefulforanother Sun 02-Mar-14 13:34:36

Hi bestbees,

I'll be your buddy smile. I'm going to tackle naps first as I can spend half an hour feeding / rocking at each nap time. I have a toddler too so can't be spending this long whilst he causes havoc downstairs.

I'm debating pick up put down or using ncss.

So going to tackle naps first. Might order the book then and try to skim. Probably the nap version.

andadietcoke Sun 02-Mar-14 13:38:36

Me too! Have bought it and read bits but need to plough through properly. DTs are six months and go to sleep really well at 7pm and sleep until about 1 and then tag team me every hour until 6am when they're up for the day. So. Tired.

stillhopefulforanother Sun 02-Mar-14 13:52:58

I couldn't imagine doing it for twins! You are a trooper.

I'm so unsure about ncss vs pupd. Pupd seems quicker but more painful I think. Ahhhh. I really can't be bothered to plough thru the whole pantley book. I kind of need a summary. I think with pupd it can be sorted much quicker.

I'm definitely going to tackle naps though. I can't spend 30 mins three times a day getting her to sleep.

Bestbees Sun 02-Mar-14 19:20:40

Hi still hopeful. I found pupd very stressful for me and babies. But w kind of incorporate it a bit into our plan, so after book n lullaby we leave, if cries escalate we go in, cuddle, rock a little, put down when crying stops, pat and leave again when not crying and repeat. Pupd typically involves not rocking or cuddling and just made mine really distressed.
I am trying to avoid feed to sleep so for naps I am popping in buggy and rocking a little. I know this is not independent but it can be done by someone other than me, allows me to get out and to settle them more easily. I can get two hr naps sometimes this way, in the cot never more than half hr. Pantley suggests getting naps anyway you can if nightwakings are a problem, but I think it's up to you what to tackle first. Shush pat is another baby whisper technique which I think is more gentle.

Ncss basically involves lots of small steps and reverse engineering. I.e. Play music whilst feeding to sleep, then feed only to drowsy, then less drowsy etc.

Diet coke, another twin mummy! Tbh having them sleep til 1am would be a dream for me! One twin has only ever slept four hours once, normally two hourly arg! I understand the particular torture of tag teaming. I think I go and intervene so quickly as I don't want to wake the other twin and as a result they can't really sleep independently.

Just went in to settle on twin and found the more difficult one has rolled on his side. He normally sleeps on tummy then every two hrs flips bangs head and scream bloody murder. So I have wedged him on the side with a towel. I know not super safe but think I will try anything!

Last night dh was away so did it all alone, do NOT envy single mums!

I think I need to do something about feeding to sleep for night wakings, so going to try just focusing on the first waking and trying a plan similar to bed time. Just literally taking it so slow as ssoooo tired!

Hope others have a good night!

CuteLittleToes Sun 02-Mar-14 21:02:47

I would recommend you get the book as there is no single approach, like with baby whisperer (i.e. just do EASY), but she looks at different scenarios (feeding to sleep, co-sleeping, etc.) and their combinations, so you just pick the one that is relevant/suits you. There are lots of different bits of advice.

I guess even if you don't have time to read the whole thing, you could just pick out bits that you need.

stillhopefulforanother Sun 02-Mar-14 21:08:54

Thanks everyone, ordered it and should be here in a couple of days.

Do u think its possible to use this approach to help DD settle herself for naps? Don't mind if it takes a while.

MostlyCake Mon 03-Mar-14 06:29:41

Yes! I think it helped my ds self settle. Still not 100% successful but so much better.

Finding a routine which works for you is key. But be prepared to be flexible until you've cracked it. The ncns book helped us realise how much sleep he needs during the day and be more aware of how he should be getting it. For us he needs a nap about one hour 45 ms after getting up in the morning then roughly 2 hours after getting up for the rest of the day.

Bestbees Mon 03-Mar-14 07:12:46

5am wake up,many tips to avoid? Thinking extra nap time and then later bed times? They wake up happy damn them!

andadietcoke Mon 03-Mar-14 07:17:10

Later bed time didn't work for us, but I know every baby is different. They were up at 12 last night and then 3 until 4.30 when DT2 just wouldn't go back to sleep or have milk. Then up at 6. So tired. And somehow one has a long nap in the morning and one in the afternoon, so if yesterday is anything to go by DT2 will have 2 hours and DT1 will have 30 mins so not long enough for me to nap. Argh.

Bestbees Mon 03-Mar-14 08:16:54

Coke, I hear you on random naps patterns, I have worked hard on napping togetherness the only way I manage is napping in buggy. Still feel like my life is waking up one and then trying to make the other sleep lol. I never nap when they are as had too many experiences when they wake just as the drop off and it's torture.
Husband is taking a day off this week as I haven't slept for longer than an hr at a time for three nights...

andadietcoke Mon 03-Mar-14 08:27:11

Oh bless you. I've been spoiled the last week as DH is a teacher and he's been on half term, so I've done the first wake up and then got up with them at 6 and he's done the one in between. They still keep me awake but at least I could doze in bed. I hope you get some rest this week.

Mine go for naps at the same time but sometimes one will wake just as I get the second one off and that's it. Although sometimes [whispers] it is quite nice just having one baby if one's napping for a long time. It just gets a bit, erm, relentless though.

Bestbees Tue 04-Mar-14 08:32:09

Ok later bt worked for one! Slept 7-12. But then woke at three, was sick n took an hr to settle. Came in with us at five and then slept til 7. The other up every two hours as normal, got woken by the other at three then came in with us at 6 and slept til 7. So overal a better night but still up every two hours for me.

Twin one seems to do his best boobing at night, should I be tougher on this or ride it out?

I agree that it is sometimes nice to have one at a time. Though also sometimes nice to have a bit of peace and not be touched!

How were others nights?

stillhopefulforanother Tue 04-Mar-14 19:17:52

The book arrived today (no cry nap solution). I looked at the bit on feeding to sleep and it only mentions the pantley pull off - is that the sum total of the solution? I did pull her off but she's still on me and wakes when I put her in cot ! No help there.

I'm already thinking about just doing pupd.

Bestbees Wed 05-Mar-14 11:44:09

Haven't read that one still. The sleep one has a range of things. Pupd meant to be good. I tried it and made mine hysterical. But use it a bit in conjunction with ncss and shush pat for bedtime. So pop then in cot, leave n listen. If it escalates go in pat n sing, if gets worse pick up for cuddle etc. baby whisperer forum is helpful.
Good luck!
Coke how are things?

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