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Baby Sleep Consultant

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jules1972 Thu 10-Aug-06 17:45:11

Is anyone out there a baby sleep consultant - or has anyone used one?

I was wandering what sort of hours they work and how much they charge?

CantSleepWontSleep Thu 10-Aug-06 20:16:33

No knowledge of these things, but sounds an interesting idea, so bumping for you in the hope that someone can answer.

jules1972 Fri 11-Aug-06 10:53:30

Thank you !

Im just about to train as a baby slep consultant. Im trying to see if anyone has either done this or has employed one

TheMorningPaperFanClub Fri 11-Aug-06 10:54:29

Aloha used one iirc. does anyone remember the details? I think she published an article

zippitippitoes Fri 11-Aug-06 10:55:27

just curious what and where and who with and what is the qualification you get?

I went to a sleep clinic which was nhs an outreach clinic from great ormond street a long time ago

GaribaldiCusack Fri 11-Aug-06 10:58:44

here's a thread where someone helped aloha

and this is the person I've heard mentioned before Andrea Grace
her number is at the bottom, she's in highgate (or was, could be out of date)

GaribaldiCusack Fri 11-Aug-06 11:00:00

don't know if any of those people on the thread are still around though!

jules1972 Fri 11-Aug-06 14:49:36

The company im going to train with have a website Its a worldwide reconised qualifiaction

jules1972 Mon 14-Aug-06 18:12:56

Would anyone out there employ a baby sleep consultant?

Im trying to put the feelers out as to if its worth paying to train to do this

Lilypie Tue 15-Aug-06 21:01:06

At the moment I'd give my life savings to have someone come and re-train my dd to sleep....
I'm knackered.

Taguey Tue 19-Sep-06 22:58:11

I am just setting up my own sleep consultancy. I am a mother of two children, the youngest has autism, and I have 18 years experience as a registered nurse, registered children's nurse and qualified health visitor. I live in the north east and will provide an initial 1 hour consultation costing £65. My aim will be to solve the sleep problem as swiftly and professionally as possible. Do you think this fee is reasonable for families? Do you think there is a need for this service? I would love any furthur feedback. Many Thanks.

iris66 Wed 20-Sep-06 13:27:08

Lilypie - I empathise totally - should change my name to zombie
Taguey - I'd pay that as long as the methods didn't involve having to listen to my LO crying hysterically

olivo Wed 20-Sep-06 21:32:04

Taguey - i'm gutted i no longer live in the north east - i'd definitely pay to have some some help!

trinityshiftingherleatheryarse Wed 20-Sep-06 21:34:44

I would pay to have help to train my LO to sleep on her own but will not do Controlled Crying. I am only adding this so that you know that you must have other techniques under your belt aswell, although I am sure you already know this

Taguey Wed 20-Sep-06 22:08:31

Thanks for the interest - my advice would be tailored to need and sympathetic to the individual, and if it helps I can not listen to my children cry either. Some can , some can't.

justaphase Thu 21-Sep-06 16:47:41

I used a sleep consultant when ds1 was 7 months. He was waking up every hour and could take up to 2 hours to go back to sleep. We were suisidal.

I chose the woman as she was not advocating cc. She was outrageously expensive and utterly useless. The only useful piece of advice she gave was that me and dh should be on night duty on alternate nights rather than take turns getting up through the night. Obvious I know but not when you have not slept for 7 months.

The story has a happy ending btw as ds is now 11 months and has been sleeping through for the last 2 months (fingers crossed). Craneo was what solved the problem.

crechepeople Mon 05-Jan-15 12:02:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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