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Baby waking up hourly

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CuteLittleToes Fri 28-Feb-14 16:47:02

DS is 14wo and has never slept longer than 3.5h in a row.

I actually wouldn't mind if he slept in 3h chunks during the night, but he sleeps 3h, then 2h, and then from about 4-5am he starts waking up every hour, sometimes even every 30/40 mins...

Keeping him awake so that he has a good big feed doesn't help. As changing his nappy. He is not hot or cold.

Is it just a developmental thing that I only have to wait out? Anyone had it? When did it pass?? Or were you able to change it? How??

Bumpylady Fri 28-Feb-14 17:05:31

Watching with interest OP and offering solidarity as I could have written this post! My lo is 15 wo and has exactly the same sleep patterns, but sometimes wakes hourly all night. Hopefully someone will be along soon with some advice!

Mummyonthehill Fri 28-Feb-14 19:22:02

Had this EXACTLY, he just grew out of it around 18weeks ish. Nothing I did helped so just gave up and went along with it. Plus tried to get him napping more in the day as sometimes this helped with night time sleep too -not always though. It does get better.

Tiredemma Fri 28-Feb-14 21:05:31

Please join us on our 'Solidarity' thread.

we have no answers really but find we are supporting each other!

CuteLittleToes Fri 28-Feb-14 22:57:28

Bumpylady, you have my sympathy too. I've actually described a good night, on a bad night it's 1-1.5h, although it happens rarer now.

Thanks Mummyonthehill, that's very comforting. I hope it changes soon!

Tiredemma, for me it's not sleep regression, it's actually progress... He used to sleep in 1-1.5h chunks before all night, 2h if I was lucky!

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