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Seven month old twins sleeping very badly! Support and ideas needed

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Bestbees Fri 28-Feb-14 12:23:27


My seven month old boy twins are rubbish sleepers! They are bf and want to feed a million times a night! We have just moved them to their own room. We have tackled the bedtime routine and they go down drowsy but awake. However on a good night one wakes two to three times which is fine, the other every two hours. But on a bad night edits every hr or 45 minutes! I am terribly lazy and feed them back off, if I don't they are hysterical and because do and I are so tired we just cave.

Naps are not great, normally fed to sleep or in buggy. If fed to sleep they normally nap only for half an hr.

I am anti CIO or cc. Have been reading the NCSS which I love, but not sure that much is helping! Have written a rough routine for the day and trying to stick with it, getting them to nap however I can on the basis that overtired babies don't sleep well at night. Not sure if I am shooting myself in the foot though!

So ladies, what should my next step be?

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