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20 month old teething - night feed or not?

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babyphat Thu 27-Feb-14 20:09:59

I night weaned dd2 pretty successfully in early January down to a bedtime feed at 7:30 and no more till morning, though 'morning' has been loosely defined as anytime after 5am in order to squeeze in a bit more sleep. She doesn't bf in the day anymore unless she's ill.

It went pretty well - not properly sleeping through but getting tantalisingly close - and now it's all gone to pot. I suspect teeth as she doesn't yet have canines or molars.

She's happy as Larry during the day but a total ratbag in the night. Last night she woke at ten-ish but settled quickly with a cuddle, then woke at 3:30 furious that I wouldn't feed her. Spent approx next 2 hours tantruming and yelling 'milk' before I eventually fed her and she conked out for a couple of hours.

Can't decide whether I should give up and feed her, or go the other way and cut out the early morning feed (leaving just bedtime) completely, in the hope that she won't expect one. It might be confusing to get fed in bed in the dark at 5am
but not at 3am if you can't tell the time, I guess. And given that she could easily be teething for months more I don't really want her munching on me all night for the foreseeable future.

I don't have to work tomorrow so I can cope with another broken night, though if it takes more than one night of full on stropping we might have a problem as we're going away for the weekend and I wouldn't want to subject others to a 2hr scream fest.

What to do?

Milk? No milk? Second dose of calpol/nurofen in the wee hours? Leave her dad to deal? (Would enrage her even more but might work?)

Oh, and she starts the night in her cot, comes into bed at first waking. I'm fine with that and will continue till closer to 3.

misselphaba Mon 03-Mar-14 16:14:21

No advice, sorry, as I'm in a similiar situation but I think I may bite the bullet and stop bringing her into bed for a feed at 5am. Especially as 5 has become 3 and I know how this ends. Multiple night wakings unfortunately.

Probably not tonight though as DD is unwell at the moment so off to the drs later on. Or maybe whatever they prescribe her will also have magical sleeping properties and DD will sleep through.

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