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Nearly 10 week old sleeping all day!

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AmyLou32 Thu 27-Feb-14 15:35:59

Hi - this is DD2, so have some experience of the early days, and don't remember then being like this.
DD2 has been very sleepy since being born at 39 weeks. She has become a bit more alert recently and staying up for slightly longer periods of time, maybe 1.5-2hrs, but always seems to need to go back to sleep after that, until of course, it hits the evening. Then she seems to be awake for much longer periods.

She always wants to sleep through the day but not so much at night, and I would have thought by now she would know the difference between night and day. I have done all the things recommended to assist with this. I.e out and about during the day and very quiet and dark at night for feeding, nappy changes etc. anyone have any other ideas. As we are not getting any more than 2hrs a night and I feel if she was up
More during the day she would be tired enough to go longer through the night.

spritesoright Thu 27-Feb-14 17:55:46

Oh dear, I was just looking for a thread on when babies start to distinguish night and day. DD is 2 weeks old and we have similar stretches to you at night. I was hoping it would sort itself out by week 10!

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