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5 month old wake up time

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emmak8383 Wed 26-Feb-14 21:06:00

Should I have an early wake up time for my LO? She wakes often in the night for feeds which I'm fine with but what I do from about 7 am is bring her in to our bed as OH goes off to work and keep getting her go back to sleep till about 10/10.30am. She does show signs of still being sleepy when she wakes so I just assumed she needed more and I certainly do. But now I'm wondering if I got her up and dressed at 7 that she would nap better in the day and ultimately sleep better at night. Thoughts? Advice?

sparkle101 Thu 27-Feb-14 09:52:56

If that's the times she's going with I would go with her. My dd was very much like this, still loves her sleep now. As you start introducing solids and changing around feed times, the sleep at night may well sort itself out.

My ds (6mths) is the total opposite to dd and hardly sleeps at all in the day, but still follows the same pattern as her at night.

One thing that has become quite obvious with ds though is if he doesn't get one of his two thirty minute naps a day it totally disrupts his night sleep e.g waking up at five for the day instead of seven/eight. They say sleep breeds sleep and I think that's really true.

She'll let you know what she wants!

claremoss Fri 28-Feb-14 14:25:33

If she is a poor napper in the day and you want her to nap better, then you could try getting her up earlier, but it depends what you want? Is she moody in the day with lack of naps, or perfectly happy? If she is happy, don't change it! If she is moody/tired, then fiddle around with it a bit grin)

emmak8383 Fri 28-Feb-14 19:15:40

She is generally a very happy and contented baby in the day but she does need to nap very soon after her last one as she gets tired quickly. I might try getting her up a little earlier and she how she does.

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