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Won't nap - help!

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Madratlady Wed 26-Feb-14 02:31:34

Ds is 10 weeks old and often won't nap all day. This means that I start each morning with a happy, smiley baby and by mid afternoon he's over tired and grumpy. Then he's difficult to settle at night. Once he's asleep at night he settles quickly after waking for feeds, he just won't sleep during the day or if he does fall asleep wakes again after a few minutes.

Any advice?

wellieboots Wed 26-Feb-14 02:47:25

Mine did this about 9 weeks hmm What settling techniques have you tries and how often are you trying? Mine needed a combo of swaddling, shushing and patting by that age otherwise she got really overstimulated. It was not a fun time, you have my sympathy OP.

PuddingAndHotMilk Wed 26-Feb-14 02:58:15

My DD was like this until I got a sling. I'd pop her in after she'd been awake 1:15/1:30 and rock/sing her off to sleep. This is still a fighty affair but the sling saves my arms and tends to work slightly more quickly and she'll sleep for longer than if I put her down or just hold her. If I'm feel brave I can do some chores with her in it but she tends to wake up so I use it as a good excuse to sit down with a cuppa for 30 mins.

I started with a Moby when she was wee. Now I alternate between a Ring Sling (very quick and easy) and a Manduca and her routine is the same but every 2.5 hours ish now (she's 7mo)

Good luck thanks

Madratlady Wed 26-Feb-14 03:04:00

He usually drops off being cuddled but wakes up after a few minutes. When he actually does sleep he's fine in his moses basket. Rocking helps to settle him but only of it's me or dh, we bought a battery powered swing a couple of days ago but so far he doesn't like it.

At night he's fine, wakes 3 times usually but has a bottle then goes back to sleep really easily, even if I've had to put the tv on to avoid falling asleep mid feed.

CuteLittleToes Wed 26-Feb-14 12:51:28

Does he sleep in a pram when you're out? If yes, you could try and replicate that at home. Move it until he falls asleep, and then move again whenever he starts stirring. This is how we get our LO to sleep.

Madratlady Fri 28-Feb-14 12:18:14

The nap refusing stage appears to have passed, he's been fantastic at sleeping day and night for the last couple of days and a happy baby in between naps.

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