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10 week old crying before naps and bedtime

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Fleura Sun 23-Feb-14 20:36:14

Hoping someone can offer some advice - our EBF 10 week old doesn't seem to be able to nap or go to sleep at bedtime without at least 10mins of inconsolable crying and screaming. Last night he magically went off with none at all, but tonight it's been ongoing for 45mins interrupted by a couple of feeds and a nappy change. Once he calms down, he's usually asleep pretty quickly and, in the evenings, out for the count for around 2hrs before he wakes for a feed.

We do have a bedtime routine although it's entirely dependant on when he does his late afternoon nap, then a bit of playtime, bath, feed, rocking on my shoulder and another feed if needed. I had hoped to start putting him down drowsy rather than asleep but don't think he's ready just yet. At the moment he's only going into his basket once asleep.

Nap times during the day are very erratic - most of the time the only way to get him down is to go out for a long walk, or stick him in his snowsuit which seems to send him to sleep immediately!

I may be worrying over nothing...and this is completely normal behaviour...but it's really hard to trust that you've done everything you can when he's so inconsolable. I suspect some of it is down to being overtired but the only cue we get tends to be a change in behaviour from happy and calm to grumpy and whiny, quickly followed by tears, cries and yawns.

He was 2.5 weeks early which may make a difference and has also been going through a growth spurt the last few days...although he's always been this way just before going to sleep.

Chickz Mon 24-Feb-14 11:18:37

My dd is the same - unless we are out for walks or in car.
No idea why she cries before she drops off. Maybe over tiredness? She cries if I'm holding her or if she's in the cot.
No idea how to tackle this. Dh thinks its just what she does before she falls asleep.

DelBot123 Wed 26-Feb-14 20:00:23

I would agree he is way too young to be starting sleep training, I would stick to making sure he's fast off before putting him down until 6 month-ish. Sounds like he's over tired but also sounds like you're providing lots of opportunity for him to sleep too so I wouldn't get stressed about nap times. Again personally I'm going to wait until my LO is alot older (6 month-ish) before having actual nap times. For now she just sleeps where she sleeps. I try to take her a walk every morning and ahe usually falls asleep for an hour on the walk and then a walk at 4ish as she sleeps then too. Other than that I feed her to sleep at lunch and about 6ish too. She does the same as your lo if she's v tired - I dont think there's much you can do except staying calm and comforting. I shove my boob in her face lol and she feeds for comfort and then drops off. I know people sayyou shouldn't but it works for me. If you're not bf maybe a dummy for confort and a dimly loght quiet room?!

Mildpanic Wed 26-Feb-14 20:14:15

It is so hard isn't it?
My lo is 11 weeks, she cries when she gets tired which is 40 mins to 75 mins of awake time. We put her down straight away. Usually on her side during the day so we can pat her bum till she nods off, this is getting quicker and quicker. We are surprised how tired she gets.
Not sure if this will work for you, she is my 3rd and all been different. Just a thought.
As I trot the older 2 off to school it helps to remember this baby stage will be more temporary than you would ever imagine.

TerrifiedMothertobe Sun 02-Mar-14 22:07:15

I would say over tired. I watch my lo like a hawk- it's so hard to judge when they are ripe for sleeping! Tonight he self settled (12 wks old) but has only done that a handful of times. Try and see if you can work out a pattern to different cries, it may help. I know the difference now
Between I'm hungry and I'm tired cry, v useful! Good luck!

TerrifiedMothertobe Sun 02-Mar-14 22:08:35

Oh- and lots of babies do have a certain wail/ cry when they are going off to sleep.

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