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18 month old not sleeping well

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anewdispensation Sat 22-Feb-14 23:36:27

Hi I need some advice. My DS is 18 months old and we have problems with night sleeping. First, can't self settle so we have to lie down with him or by the cot and have him stroke our faces while he sucks his thumb and he eventually sleeps.

Anything else doesn't work. Having said that, he will wake up twice during the night for a bottle.

However, we have no problems with day time naps as he's mostly asleep in the push chair on the way from play group or walk and it is straight to bed. BUT he sleeps for a long time during the day, typically between noon and 3pm.

Should we shorten day time naps? Also should we feed him heavier meals at evening times?

Thanks. All advice appreciated

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