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Co-sleeping with toddler after DD

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notadoctor Sat 22-Feb-14 16:42:58

My DD is 2.4yo and has never been a great sleeper. She goes to sleep fine by herself but wakes sometime after 11pm and then will only sleep with me in bed with her. At the moment this works fine for us (I quite like the sleepy cuddles and I feel this gives us all more sleep) BUT I am 35wks pregnant and am worried what we'll do when the new baby arrives - worries include:

DD1 is v wriggly and I'm worried about her accidentally hurting me when I'm recovering from the birth (I had quite a bad tear with her and was sore for a good couple of weeks after).

I'm very nervous of co-sleeping with a newborn (didn't start with DD1 until she was over 1yo) and wouldn't trust wriggly toddler in bed with a baby - hoping to have DC2 in Moses basket beside us and not sure how feasible this is...

I'm hoping to EBF and worried that the baby feeding every couple of hours will massively disrupt DDs sleep.

We were hoping to get DD to adjust to sleeping with DH instead but at the moment only I will do - last night's attempt resulted in her hysterically crying from 3-4am and then us giving in and me going in with her at 4am. She then stayed awake for an hour saying Mummy, mummy, mummy and stroking my face! She's not at all clingy in the day and will go to DH for comfort at other times - this seems to be a night time thing. DH obviously won't be able to breast feed either so I'm unsure how we divide night time duties...

Any advice or reassurance?!

notadoctor Sat 22-Feb-14 17:45:29

The title should read 'co-sleeping with toddler after DC2'. Oops!

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