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DD can self-settle (finally!!!!) for bedtime sleep but needs cuddling to sleep for naps. Would you bother trying to change this?

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emeraldgirl1 Sat 22-Feb-14 14:15:26

Have dim awareness that NCSS says not to worry about selt-settling for naps at all, but maybe it's just not to worry about it until bedtime sleep is better...?

FINALLY, finally, DD is self-settling at bedtime (I did gradual withdrawal and am now almost out of the door while she lies quietly and dozes off after 10 mins - this has been an epic amount of hard work and at 11m she is finally sleeping pretty much through the night... the self-settling has been absolutely key to this, nothing else has changed.)

But have tried the same for naps and she isn't having it. Just roams around her cot until I give up almost an hour later, which throws off her naps and leaves her getting OT.

Cuddling her for a nap gets her to sleep in between 5 and 10 mins, usually more like 5.

She naps well, 45 mins in the am and 1h 30 in the early pm.

So given that it's (tentatively, with EVERYTHING crossed, and still not quite believing it) working, should I just carry on cuddling her and not stress about the self-settling for a nap.

Ideally I'd love her to do this as I want to think about hiring someone to come in and help look after her while I work at home, and if she could just be 'put down' for a nap by someone else it would be soooooo much easier. I don't see her napping if she has to be cuddled by someone else other than me.

Also I worry that when she's more mobile she will fight the cuddles more... though I guess she could just stand up and walk out of bed when she's a toddler anyway, if she doesn't want to nap it won't help just to let her self-settle.

Any experience or advice?

weesazz Sat 22-Feb-14 16:42:11

Hi emeraldgirl1

DD was like that until she was 16 weeks.. Take heart, if she is self-settling at night she is learning the difference between day and night sleeping smile

My advice is, if she needs cuddled, do what works for you right now and she will gradually learn to self-settle. It will happen xxx

slightlyconfused85 Sat 22-Feb-14 17:13:52

I wouldnt bother, you've cracked the hard bit. She won't nap forever but she always needs to sleep at night as well as possible. It is amazing, in many cases, how children will settle for naps in a completely different way for other carers, she will probably just settle herself for someone else she just likes a cuddle with her mummy if you are there. My dd does self settle for naps but she always grizzles first. For anyone else, straight to sleep!

emeraldgirl1 Sat 22-Feb-14 19:03:53

Hi and thank you!
Weesazz, I think I may have accidentally said she is 11w... She is 11 months... Self settling this determined non-sleeper at 11weeks would have been an impossible dream! It has been 11 months of sleep deprived hell and I am still terrified of doing anything that jeopardises our progress!
Slightlyconfused, thanks too, that is good advice about the people they will nap for...

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