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14 month old and crazy night wakings

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2children2cats Sat 22-Feb-14 02:41:19

So ds has been up for an hour and 40minutes and does not appear to be going back to sleep anytime soon. He has been like this for weeks and we are exhausted.
We have tried feeding him, it doesn't make him go back to sleep any quicker so today I have decided not to feed him before 4 but he is driving me mad.
He definitely has wind and has been trump

2children2cats Sat 22-Feb-14 02:44:03

Sorry, trumping like a trooper. I also don't know if he is teething (I don't think so but am desperate to believe there is a reason for the crap sleep).
I don't really know what I am asking. Maybe for sympathy and any suggestions that might help.
This week has been a real killer as 4yr old dd has started having nightmares too!
Children, who'd have 'em!!

leelteloo Sat 22-Feb-14 03:21:33

My ds was an amazing sleeper till 14 months: then started to wake every bloody hour. It was relentless. Nothing I did helped and I tried everything. 6-8 weeks later his sleep went back to normal and he had a mouth full of big teeth. I'm now up all night with 6 week old dc3 yawn. Hope it settles for you soon.

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