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Waking every 45 mins day and night.

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Lea2003 Wed 10-Mar-04 12:35:18

Please help I am totally knackered!
Dd is 5 months and wakes every 45 mins during the night and has done so apart from a couple of 2 hour stretches for the past 5 weeks. She is now waking every 45 mins fullstop. She is breastfed although is now on solids as she was hungry and needed extra - I still give her milk first then the food.

Had her weighed today and she is still less than 6kg - 13lb 3 oz having only put on 6 oz in a month. I would say she is still hungrey - HV says carry on with milk and give her solids till she refuses any more.

Any suggestions please as we are all at the end of our tethers!!

dinosaur Wed 10-Mar-04 12:37:41

Poor you - much sympathy.

With my DS2 I ended up taking him into bed with me and sleeping with him latched on! It is a long way from being perfect but at least you get some sleep. Might be worth a try (if you haven't already) as you must be absolutely desperate.

Grommit Wed 10-Mar-04 13:03:13

Lea2003 - it is common to wake after 45 mins as this is the point when a baby goes into deep sleep. My dd used to wake after 45 mins at her lunchtime nap at around this age - I left her to cry for a while and she would usually go back to sleep again. Not sure if 5 months is too young to try controlled crying...?

Evita Wed 10-Mar-04 16:55:54

Like Grommit says, 45 minutes is when they hit a patch of lighter sleep before going into the next deep cycle. So she's obviously waking up completely at that point instead of just stirring. Now all you have to do is work out what's waking her It could be that she's uncomfortable in some way? That there's a light or noise disturbing her? Whatever it is, unless it's illness, I think you have to find a way of helping her ride through it and get back to sleep on her own.

Lea2003 Wed 10-Mar-04 19:14:40

Yes, I am trying to work it all out but its so difficult to find out why she wakes. Have tried to settle her each time but she gets progressively worse during the night as she gets more tired. HV has suggested more food and a bottle of formula so we shall see!!??

Not to keen on the cc as I think she is still to young to realise that she hasn't been abandoned but never say never!

Evita Wed 10-Mar-04 21:25:22

Lea2003, are you sure that when she wakes she wakes completely? Could it be that she is restless noisily but if left would settle herself after a while? It's kind of different to cc to leave them for a while to settle in the middle of the night. What do you do to settle her? Do you pick her up? Why not try not picking her up and just giving her a pat on her back as she stays lying down. What may be happening is that she hits a light patch of sleep and is used to you helping her back into sleep again and has not learnt the ability to do it herself. My dd, 17 months now, sleeps through usually but with her daytime naps I can always hear her stirring at the 45 minute mark. If there's something going on if we're out in the pram etc. she'll more than likely wake up but if she's in her cot and it's quiet and dark she grumbles for a minute or so then goes back to sleep again for up to 2 hours. If she gets up after 45 minutes she's cranky, if it's after 2 hours she's an angel!

aloha Wed 10-Mar-04 21:37:14

Agree with Evita, what does she do in the night and what happens if you leave her for ten-fifteen minutes? How does she sleep in the day?
It does sound utterly ghastly.

Philly Wed 10-Mar-04 22:06:10

We had on elike this ,problem was eventually solved by using a sleeping bag(incidently this also worked with nephew) and we also had some cranial osteopathy which was brilliant.Hope things get better soon

CountessDracula Wed 10-Mar-04 22:11:32

Never thought I would say this but have you tried Gina Ford's book?

Lea2003 Thu 11-Mar-04 13:01:12

Hi, thanks for the replies.
Last night she was absolutely knackered and slept from 9pm thru to 12.45 when I fed her - the most sleep in one go for ages!
She then went down for 1 1/2 hours then woke up. Not sure if she wakes up fully but if I leave her for 10-15 mins she gets hysterical.
Daytime naps are 45 mins again.
Have also taken her dummy off her as I think what may have started the waking was that she got used to it being in her mouth and missed it when she went into lighter sleep.
Will keep you posted!
Have tried a sleeping bag but at that time the poor hen had a 'pumping' problem and couldn't release the fart as she was restricted.

PS After a decentish night sleep she is a happy bunny again and keeps giggling!

aloha Thu 11-Mar-04 22:26:29

When are the daytime naps. A sleeping bag won't stop a baby farting!

cords Fri 12-Mar-04 11:16:38

Hi Lea2003 ... you mention that this only started 5 weeks ago ... what was she doing before that ?

She does seem small for her age ... (what was her weight at birth ?) so maybe she really does need to be fed still a few times in the night ... however, I do think that the 45 min wakening is due to her inability to fall asleep again on her own ... Does she settle initially quite well on her own ?

I do sympathise and realise how absoloutely exhausted you must be ! It is a vicious circle as the more sleep you have the more you will be able to assess the situation and try and work out how to tackle the situation ... I had similar problem (not totally gone !) and I have to say that Mumsnet saved my sanity for a long time ... !

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