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Cots I can attach to bed

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gubbinsy Wed 19-Feb-14 13:32:52

Three month old is starting to grow out of bed nest (more wriggling so much he ends up diagonal and having seen him shove his head into the material on the other side I'm worried he'll soon roll into it and fall out!). He's not ready to go into his own room so we're keen to get a cot that we can attach to the bed for the next few months as it's working for all of us at the moment.
I have read that a lot of people use the Ikea Gulliver cot for this - is there a particular reason? Can other cots be used with one side off or is there something specific that makes this one better (other than the great price!). Also, how do people manage with the fixed heights? Great thing about bed nest is it's so adjustable height wise. Guess I'd have to look at raising the bed if necessary?

ecuse Wed 19-Feb-14 13:52:33

No answers, but watching with interest...

minipie Wed 19-Feb-14 14:26:19

To adjust the height of the mattress in the Ikea Gulliver, all you have to do is drill some extra holes in the legs for the base to slot into, to make the base the correct height.

So, measure the height of your own mattress; deduct height of cot mattress+base; drill new holes into Gulliver legs at resulting height. Then when you attach base to the legs using new holes, the top of mattress will be same height as top of your mattress.

And yes you just put on 3 sides of the cot not 4. Some cots are not stable with only 3 sides on whereas this one is. (It is designed to convert to a toddler bed so is made to be ok with only 3 sides).

However, there may still be a gap between your mattress and cot mattress. (Size of gap depends on style of your bedframe). If so, the way to deal with this is to slide the cot mattress over till it touches your mattress, and then wedge rolled towels/blankets in the gap between cot mattress and cot. Also a good idea to tie the cot to your bedframe so no bigger gap can open accidentally (unless you can wedge other side of cot against wall).

darjeelingdarling Wed 19-Feb-14 16:10:16

yep also I have an aqua pad to which I've added string on each corner. I've put it across the cot mattress and over our mattress (under bottom sheets) and secured all 4 strings tightly to the bed and cot frames. this leaves a nice surface and no worry of a gap as well as extra leakage stoppage!

ikea do a little padded mat which serves the same purpose (I've put one over the aquapad in the cot as aquapad currently mainly protecting our mattress) but one or two sewn together might serve in a similar way.

DelBot123 Fri 21-Feb-14 04:24:48

Ditto mini. I just brought a regular cot that had a base the same height as my bed. The'special' co-sleepers are too expensive! In construction I left off one side. I pushed it up to my bed and then secured it to my bed frame with straps. No the most elegant looking thing but who cares smile

Karen1226 Sat 22-Feb-14 13:01:15

We did this yesterday with our cot bed, the cot mattress worked out exactly right with our mattress and last night was the best night ever with our 3 week old!

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