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Backwards body clock!!

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cmpr500 Tue 18-Feb-14 03:51:39

Hello smile

I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions or experience with their little one/one's having their body clock backwards?

My little girl is 6 weeks on Wed. She has got into a routine of sleeping all day and being awake all night. She literally wakes up at about 9:30-10pm every night and stays awake until 8-9am the next day. She has a couple of little 15-30min sleeps in the night but as I finally manage to drop off she is wide awake again.

I have been told to try and get her into a routine by putting her down to sleep on an evening but she just wakes up 10mins later.

I have been breastfeeding her but its not going well I don't think. She never seems to be satisfied anyway.

Any advice would be most welcome. We have both become nocturnal and its really starting to get me down as I can't get out and about.

keepitgoing Tue 18-Feb-14 08:18:38

hi this is normal early on I think it'll change gradually. to help it take her outside twice a day in the light. try and play with her in the day, keep things noisy and bright. at night no playing, lights off etc.

cmpr500 Tue 18-Feb-14 16:09:54

Thank you. I'll try and take her out for a walk in the daylight every day. I have tried to play and keep her awake but she won't have any of it! I suspect I need to be more patient but I'm going crazy with anti social schedule!

amandine07 Wed 19-Feb-14 04:28:48

My DS is 6 weeks and sounds very similar!
Don't know what's happened, he was doing 'okay' until the last week or so.

Sleeping loads during the day- yesterday he slept from midday to around 6pm will only a few stirrings in between.
Ordinarily I'd get him up and make him wake up however the in laws are here visiting so it's been difficult to get near him grin

I am looking out for advice too, sorry don't have much to give right now.
Just wanted to say that I feel your pain!
Things are made slightly worse by OH telling me about people he know with babies around the same age that all apparently sleep through the night- it's not helping! [sad ]

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