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? drop third nap?

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claremoss Mon 17-Feb-14 09:27:10

My 7MO for a few weeks now has had her third and final nap of the day at around 445, and whilst feeding on me, as it is the only way she will nap at this time. For the last few days she hasn't really slept on me, she feeds with her eyes closed but that is it. This means that she goes from around 2pm to 7pm with no nap. All the websites I look at says their wake time is less than 3 hours at this age, so I am confused. Should I keep trying and maybe feed her after 5 for ten mins to give her a catnap? Thanks,

BotBotticelli Tue 18-Feb-14 20:58:44

What are her naps like the rest of the day? I think it was around 7mo that my DS stopped having that late afternoon nap. However, he only ever took 45 minute catnaps at that age, so he dropped the late afternoon nap and was then having 45mins at 9am, 45 mins at around 11am, and then 45 mins at around 2pm, which then saw him through till a 6,30pm bedtime (at which time he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the bed cos he was exhsuated).

This then all changed again at around 8mo, when he suddenly started taking longer naps and would have an hour in the morning, around 0930-1030 and then 90 mins in the afternoon 1300-1430 ish, and then he stuck in that pattern till around 13mo. Now at 14mo he has just dropped his morning nap and has one nap per day after lunch for about an hour.

Ignore what the books say your LO should have and try to follow her cues. You will soon know if you need to tweak her natural routine a bit (for example, i knew I needed to encourage DS to drop his morning nap at 13mo cos it kept getting later and later until he was taking his morning nap at 11am, his afternoon nap from 3-4.30pm and then wouldnt go to bloody bed in the evening!!! so i stopped letting him nap in the morning, kept him up with lots of stimulating playgroups etc, and now he only has one nap after lunch and that's it).

claremoss Wed 19-Feb-14 10:19:53

she has around 2 hours in the morning and then WAS having around 3/4 an hour at 1pm. the last 2 days though, this nap has been an hour and a half so I think she is compensating for not have a nap later on in the afternoon. Funnily enough we were out yesterday late afternoon and she had ANOTHER one at half 4 for 20 mins out in the buggy! She has never napped so long! But I think if she had been at home she wouldn't have had the third nap, and this seems to be the direction we are heading. It just means she is awake for around 5 hours sometimes in the afternoon, which I read is bad. But like you said, I should ignore the books, she goes to sleep no problem and sleeps till 3am, so I can't complain!

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