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Trouble transitioning

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AliciaOscar Sun 16-Feb-14 20:49:45

Hi there, i am hoping there is someone who's been in a similar situation to me that can help. Basically i have been co-sleeping with my baby for a while now. He has never been able to settle alone, the second we put him down he wakes up or cries. He isn't interested in swaddling or a dummy. My partner is away in the Navy and for the first two months i had to rely on my mum to have my son for a couple of hours just so i could sleep, at my wits end i then decided to start co-sleeping. He is 19 weeks now and i'd really like to get him settled into a cot as although i have taken every precaution during co-sleeping i would feel a lot better if he was safely in his cot. Any tips or advice would be very greatly appreciated, as you can imagine he is a real mummies boy as it's just him and I most of the time....

Blueberry75 Wed 19-Feb-14 19:56:36

Alicia, we currently co-sleep with our little boy in a cot attached to our bed but before that he was in with us as you are doing now. I'm planning that once his night feeds reduce then I will transition him into the cot in his own room. At the moment the cot has one side down, is tied to my side of the bed and I put a blanket and sheet across to bridge between the side of the bed and the cot. He rolls as close to me as possible but at least he is sort of in his own bed space. I intend to put the side of the cot up next, and then gradually move it away from the bed. Have also just started to get him to take his naps in the cot too so he associates it with sleep and is familiar. You might find this a way to help get your little man in his own cot. I can't vouch that it will work as am not there yet. Oh, and mine is a total mummies boy too smile

Mamasinstinct Fri 21-Feb-14 09:37:18

Hi Alicia
I coslept for 3 months then wanted my baby in a cot, just like you. I found that as long as I settled her to sleep first (by walking/singing/cuddling) then she would sleep in the cot just fine. A lot of people told me if I did this she would become dependent on it and never settle herself but as I now have a 2 yr old who, after one story and a song, puts herself to sleep and sleeps 12 hours solid I can tell you that they were wrong!!

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