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Has anyone tried Earthing?

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MsVDL Sun 16-Feb-14 13:33:29

Has anyone tried earthing? I bought an earthing sheet and have been sleeping so much better since using. I just bought a throw so can snuggle with babe. Was wondering if anyone else had tried it.

ContinentalKat Sun 16-Feb-14 13:41:12

Welcome to the wonderful world of placebo!
You fell for it, but if it works for you then, hey, that's great.

MsVDL Sun 16-Feb-14 13:57:37

I do love a good placebo but am sadly a bit too cynical for it too work all the time!

It's something I tried while suffering really bad insomnia during pregnancy along with many other things and (for me) it did make a difference. Have you tried it or do you like to assume nothing works?

ContinentalKat Sun 16-Feb-14 15:45:27

You don't actually have to believe in the placebo effect for it to work!
I am sure your method works because you believe in what it claims, and if that cured your insomnia, that's great for you.

As to earthing, I have not and will not try it, as there is no scientific evidence to back up its claims.
If you have any evidence to the contrary I would be interested in seeing it.

MsVDL Sun 16-Feb-14 19:00:16

I'm sorry if I was unclear I meant that I didn't have much hope for it! It took me a while to get used to it, as it really is a different sensation but after the first couple nights I saw a vast improvement. I have friends who have also used the sheet but for them it had the opposite effect. Hence the interest if anyone else has tried it.

There is scientific method behind and I have included two links one that supports the idea and one that tears it apart (for objectivities sake).

I am not trying to convert anyone I was intrigued to see if others had had similar experiences and to say that I found it very helpful. Why, may I ask, do you have such a dismissive attitude to something which you have not tried?

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