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22 month old not sleeping

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alsr12 Sun 16-Feb-14 08:50:16

Hi all,
Hoping for some much needed advice and sleep.
My 22 month old daughter has been waking in the night since early December. We went on holiday, changed time zones etc but on the whole was brilliant with jetlag. She was up once in the night when we were away but otherwise slept.
Came home before Christmas and her naps were fine, 2 hours. Took a while to settle at bedtime but waking two to three times a night. All it took was my OH or me to go in, put a hand on her back and she went back to sleep. Everything seemed to settle down in the middle of Jan. hurrah!
Except... For the past week or so she has resisted naps. 60 mins max. Bedtime is 7.15. sometimes takes an hour to settle, other days she is fine. Until the small hours and then up two or three times- no set time. Last night she wouldn't settle for nearly an hour between 1 and 2am. She's up around 7.
She eats well, gets lots of activity, etc. canines coming through but painkiller makes no difference. Room dark, she self settles to sleep (no dummy, no rocking).
I am at my wits end. I lost my mum to cancer recently and trying to deal with grief as well as this and I really need my sleep right now. Please help!!

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