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8 month old BF baby waking all night for feeds

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Geevis Sat 15-Feb-14 22:12:56

My 8 month old is waking, in the early part of the night sometimes hourly for feeds, later maybe 2 hourly. Usually I'm so tired by about 3am that I put her in our bed. Then she sleeps fine.

She goes to bed at 6pm every night. I feed her, read her a story then put her down awake and she sucks her thumb and falls asleep. On a good night she won't wake until 9pm but recently it's been 730, 830,9, 10 etc. I try not to feed her every time but she screams hysterically, if my husband goes in it's even worse. I've tried to cuddle her, rock her, sit quietly, take her into another room. Nothing works! Just feeding.

She has 2 naps a day which she goes down fine for. I feed her after her nap, never to go to sleep.

She has slept 8-10 hours on a handful of occasions, I now wish i'd kept a minute by minute diary of those days so I could reinact them exactly!

I think maybe me putting her in bed with us is making things worse as it might be confusing her, she might just always want to sleep there. I really don't know but I'm so tired that I can't not do it it's the only way I get a few hours of sleep.

She's such a happy, chilled baby during the daylight hours and then everything changes at night.

Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. And the crying has started again...


Helenc19 Sat 15-Feb-14 23:14:42

Is she warm enough? My ds woke lots a few nights ago as I forgot to turn the heater on.
Or could she have silent reflux?
Is she eating any new foods which could be upsetting her tummy.
it could just be a growth spurt though.

Geevis Sun 16-Feb-14 09:31:12

I'm pretty sure she's warm enough. Maybe the food thing though as she seems quite sensitive to different foods. I have her tomato the other day and she got a rash all over her face. Maybe some other food hasn't agreed with her tummy. I'm doing BLW so she eats pretty much anything. I'll try reducing the range of foods and see if that makes a difference.

2snugglets Sun 16-Feb-14 10:53:18

Have you considered formula? I do two BF's a day and 2 formula feeds for my 4 month old and she sleeps all night through since introducing it. I give her a 7oz bottle of Aptimal 2 before bed and she goes from 6pm -5am when she wakes I BF her and she sleeps through till 8am then.
My first DD also slept much better after having some formula. If it makes you feel better my friend a health visitor suggested it and said you can't carry on feeding every hour at night, think I must have looked pretty rough!!

Geevis Sun 16-Feb-14 10:59:00

Well I definitely look rough! She won't take a bottle. I've bought 5 different types but she won't take it. This means I can't even express and feed her. She does drink from a cup now though so maybe I could try it from that. That's for the suggestions.

2snugglets Sun 16-Feb-14 11:40:02

My sister did that with my nephew, he wouldn't take a bottle either so she put it on his cup. Sounds like she is having a growth spurt if she's wanting a feed every time she wakes.
It completely did the job for both mine so hope it works for you.

Helenc19 Sun 16-Feb-14 21:56:58

Could be silent reflux, my DS had it when he was tiny and after starting weaning it came back, he reacted to Apple, these are foods which are most likely to cause a reaction
Citrus fruit

Try elevating the head of her cot to see if that helps.

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