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Help! Taking the dummy away... lots of crying...

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FrogGreen Fri 14-Feb-14 07:20:19

OK perhaps I am being a bit wimpy here. Have just put DS2 (11months) down for his first daytime nap without the bloody dummy. He's tired, trying to get to sleep, but can't. Crying now for 20 minutes, that is, crying in his cot on his own, crying in my arms, crying while I sing to him and stroke his little fuzzy head (which always works. Usually.)

The reason we're ending the dummies is because DS1 is nearly 3 and it's time for him to give them up, the dummy fairy is coming this weekend with presents and cake for big boys who have slept all night without their dummy, and it'll just be easier to get it all done in one go.

Or is that crazy?

FrogGreen Fri 14-Feb-14 07:32:32

OK, now he's asleep, of course now he's calm I feel fine, of course I can do it all in one go... just don't cry baby don't cry...

Fairy1303 Fri 14-Feb-14 07:51:01

I'm sorry I can't help as am sat here with 8 month old dummy addict too - but watching with interest. Good luck!

FrogGreen Fri 14-Feb-14 08:04:19

oh dear, 30 minutes later he's up, more crying. I think I'll try his afternoon nap in his pram, he sometimes sleeps better in there with walking and rocking. Fairy I'll let you know... of course I was here 2 years ago with DS1 and took the path of least resistance, cursing myself for it now

samjammy Fri 14-Feb-14 18:01:36

No help either as I have a 9m old dummy addict. Good luck though - I guess all I can say is stick with it as even though it sounds hell, I hear he will be past it and dummy all forgotten after 3 days. Let us know how it goes. I keep wanting to start, but am wimping out due to the teeth he has coming through atm. There's always an excuse though!

FrogGreen Sat 15-Feb-14 07:32:43

OK, so here's where we are: yesterday he did really well going to sleep for ages in his buggy with no dummy, and then he did manage to fall asleep in his bed with DH singing to him. But he woke during the night and of course couldn't get himself back to sleep, we had to let him have the dummy because DS1 was doing so well and we didn't want to wake him up with the howling.

So he's just gone down for his morning nap, a bit more crying but he didn't last quite as long as yesterday - only 20 minutes or so. And the same thing for me - just now when he was crying I so nearly gave in, but now he's calm and asleep I feel fine and of course we'll manage. I think it would be quicker if we could just tough it out in the nights and didn't have to worry about waking DS1.

DS1 is nearly 3 and still very attached to the dummies, he's starting to get a noticeable gap in his front teeth (if you google "dummy teeth damage" or similar you'll see what I mean,) I just hope this will normalise after some time without. He's doing very well with the change - we made a big deal of it with treats and a present and phoning his Granny to tell her what a big boy he is now.

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