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is there anything I can do? ?

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pinkr Thu 13-Feb-14 18:52:56

dd is nearly six months and is a horrendous sleeper. She never,ever sleeps more than three hour stretches. We get one of those between seven and nine. After that is every two hours on a good night and every one on a bad going down to awake for the day four or five.
She is ebf and it takes about twenty min to feed and then, on a good night,she goes back down. On a bad night she'll be awake and wanting to play for anything up to two hours.
nap wise she has about three. a morning one of forty mins, lunch about an hour and maybe another hour mid afternoon.
She always goes down in the cot awake and it doesn't need to be directly after feed.
The continual wake ups are wearing me out... Not too badly and I am getting used to it but I can't stand the up and down as it wakes my poor dh who then has to go to work.
Any one got any ideas? she's in a bednest... Can't cosleep properly because of a back issue and can't bf lying down because of similar.

nilbyname Thu 13-Feb-14 18:58:46

Poor you, it's hell!

Can you make sure you have quite an active afternoon after that late pm nap? Also, never let them sleep past 3.30, then upstairs for 6, long bath, stories, songs and bed.

Have you tried-
A dummy
White noise
Millpond sleep clinic book was helpful
Naps in the day for you?

pinkr Thu 13-Feb-14 19:12:40

She has a dream sheep. Bath at six... Lots of playing. then a feed and she goes down wide awake. dummy and comforter. I leave the room. It's dark. Off she goes.
Can guarantee that three hours to the min she'll be up...
I don't mind feeding especially as she's not on solids etc. and at 1130, 1 and3she will take a full feed. But after 3 ie. 4 5 etc. She pulls off etc so not hungry.
It's hard to know what to do. I don't jump straight away but she will ramp up. rarely I've managed to just give dummy and have her go over. Sometimes she'll only lie quiet with my hand on her face... Not the comfiest.
I can cope with up twice or three times really but it's soul destroying.
All I hear is sleeping through etc. and how I should wean her and give up bf. Give formula etc. but she's really not bothered by solids, she still isn't grabbing and chewing anything well

pinkr Thu 13-Feb-14 19:24:44

guess part of me is miffed as she can sleep settle which people rave on about yet my friends who bf to sleep get longer stretches and maybe only one waking.

nilbyname Thu 13-Feb-14 21:27:37

Maybe a formula dream feed?

My ds didn't sleep through till he was 18m!! I was sent to a consultant as in my sleep deprived state my eyes went wonky!

We were far more strict with dd, and although we never left her to CIO we did leave her to self soothe for a little longer than her older brother. She slept through fairly consistently from 8m onwards....

Seriously the millpond sleep clinic book was good.

nilbyname Thu 13-Feb-14 21:28:36

Loads of babies don't sleep well! Try not to take the measure from the other babies

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