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How to prepare a crib

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firsttimemummy22 Thu 13-Feb-14 09:27:09

37.6 weeks with my first, beginning to get a bit paranoid on how to prepare the crib, bumpers all around? grobag no grobag? Do they need a blanket?

Greywacke Thu 13-Feb-14 12:03:13

It isn't recommended to use bumpers, so would leave those off.

Grobags have a minimum weight so it depends on the weight of the baby. no blanket with grobag.

I started off with sheet and blanket and then moved to grobags when DS was a month old. I used this as a guide to how many layers for what temperature. Baby bedding there is a table at the bottom.

Good luck

NickyEds Thu 13-Feb-14 12:34:00

I agree with Greywacke- bumpers and quilts are unsuitable for new babies.
My DS is 7 weeks old and I have a fitted bottom sheet then I lay a cellular blanket half way down the moses so that DS lays with blanket under him and folded over him under his arms. I then lightly tuck it in(just a few inches tucked the rest loose) just under his arms. It means that he can never kick his blanket over his head as he's laying on half of it. I'll sometimes add a second cellular blanket if it's cold.
We bought aGro egg when he was born- babies can have their rooms cooler than I thought!
Don't forget that 1 blanket folded over counts as 2!

blackteaplease Thu 13-Feb-14 12:37:40

Top tip - lay a folded muslin at the head end and then any dribble/sick can be dealt with by whipping away the muslin rather than changing the sheets.

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