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10 weeks has stopped sleeping well at night need to get back in to night sleeps help

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JBridgman Wed 12-Feb-14 10:25:39

So my daughter was a fantastic night sleeper would go 10-2 sleeping then feed 2.30-5.30 s feed then 6-8/8.30 s then we stupidly tried to start a bed time routine of 8.30 gradually brought it forward over 2 weeks last two weeks have been hell. We go 8-10 s feed 10-1 s feed 1.30-2.30 s and every 30 mins -hour waking up and feeding until 6.30 when I give up on sleep and get up. Don't think she needs the feeds but I can't carm her down any other way day or night Just wondering if anyone has any advice. Last two nights have gone to bed at 10 but still waking every hour from 2 also any ideas on caring down with out feeding

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