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Can't get 8 month old into a routine, don't want to do controlled crying

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wickedwilywaitress Wed 12-Feb-14 01:30:48


I have a beautiful 8 month old daughter who I love to pieces, but I'm feeling really down about not being able to get her into any kind of sleep routine.

Around October time we were in a rough routine whereby she would settle around 10pm and wake around 8am. Not the 7-7 I was hoping for but it was working for us.

However, this started to degenerate before Christmas and she slowly stopped sleeping in her cot and I started co sleeping with her just to get some sleep. This is okay, but means that my husband sleeps separately and I miss him.

It just feels like there's nothing I can do. I worked hard for a couple of weeks trying to keep her calm and quiet in low lighting with soft music in her bedroom from 7pm. This made no difference, it just meant that I was sat upstairs on my own for 5ish hours every night feeding and holding a cranky baby.

It just feels like such ridiculous hard work trying to settle her. She will sometimes sleep in her cot if she falls asleep while feeding and I put her down, but she's awake in about an hour.

I want to be able to put her to bed in her cot at 7ish and have a bit of me time. I don't mind if she needs a feed or two in the night if I can put her back down in her cot.

I really don't want to leave her to cry it out if I can avoid it, but I'm just so fed up! I am pretty much with her 24/7 as we're co sleeping.

Has anyone else been through this? Please tell me that your baby suddenly clicked and started sleeping in their cot again!

Thanks for reading! Going to try and stop feeling sorry for myself now.....

Rockchick1984 Wed 12-Feb-14 10:19:11

Honesty? It sounds like she doesn't need 12 hours sleep overnight, so for now I would try and get that idea out of your head, and sort out the settling in the cot. Once that is sorted you can look at changing her naps etc so she's sleeping less during the day and more at night.

wickedwilywaitress Wed 12-Feb-14 18:17:28

Thanks for the reply, it does seem like she doesn't need the 12 hours overnight but I got a bit fixated on that idea because it sometimes feels like everyone else's baby is going for that lonh, I know they're not really!

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