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Sleep help please!

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MrChow Sun 09-Feb-14 23:21:13

Bot of background.

Dd is 16m. Never has been a great sleeper in the sense of sleeping through, but honestly didn't mind this until around a year of age as she was a little prem and frequent night feeding was welcomed to get her but up! She self weaned from night bf at around 8m, completely self weaned 12m.

She up until a month ago shared our room. As a baby co slept and bed shared and then when bigger, had her cot next to us. Around a month ago DH decided she needed to go in with her sister as us even getting into bed woke her. She had 2-3 nights of sleeping well but that's it. She's back to her normal self which is:

Bed around 7:30 after bath, DH feeds her some warm milk. Cuddle. Then into cot. Sleeps ok-ish until midnight. At this point wakes up and wants to get up, like proper wide awake. Cuddle dummy singing, nothing works. Have to be careful as sharing with sister. So bring her in our room. Into our bed, very restless. Thrashes around. Give her a drink. Still restless. DH walks with her (she likes this) doesn't work. Usually around 3-4 she's into a deeper sleep. But I'm not exaggeration it takes 2-3 hours of trying everything. We've even lay her between us, not spoken and she's abseiled off the side of her bed, threw her dummy over the stair gate and made peppa pig oink noises as a signal to wanting to go down and put the tv on blush.

It's almost like she's had 3/4 hours of sleep and now she wants to get up and play. Last night was awful. Same pattern except we put older daughter into her brothers room, left dd in her cot, whilst reassuring her from the floor and trying to get her to sleep without actively picking her up. She cried but mostly whinged. It seems to wake her up more. In the end DH was about to take her downstairs but I said no, it's just starting another habit. This caused an argument because we were tired and 2am wasn't the best time for either of us. In the end she fell asleep in my chest and moved to my left, next to the edge. I was so tired I must've left her there rather than moving her to the middle. You guessed it, flat on face out of bed at 5am sad

I'm at my wits end. If she came into our end and just slept we'd be fine with it. I would deal with that at 4 years old if I had to. But nothing seems to settle her. She seems incapable of sleeping past 3-4 hours. I'm at my mums tonight, between 8 and 9:30 I went to her 5 times. She's now in my deeper sleep but for how long I don't know. My sister said she couldn't believe it. Because she doesnt actually need feeding or anything.

I work long shifts, I need to be on the ball with my job as I've peoples lives in my hands. My DH is excellent at helping despite working long hours. I do go to bed with her in the day on days I'm at home, but its nit enough we need sleep. We've had 8 sleep throughs since birth. That's it.

Please don't recommend CIO or CC. I won't do these. I've heard cranial osteopathy works? Books? Any you'd recommended?

I wish I was still bf at least I could try and feed her back to sleep!

TIA smile

MrChow Sun 09-Feb-14 23:34:44

Just to add. She has a sleep during the day, if she's had a really bad night she's usually asleep by 9:30am, sleeps approx 1.5hr. Other days maybe sleep about 12-30-1. Nap times in day make no difference at all to night sleeps.

MrChow Mon 10-Feb-14 17:12:00


MrChow Mon 10-Feb-14 22:18:59

Anyone...... Please!

phoolani Mon 10-Feb-14 22:32:21

I think the lack of response is just that there is no 'magic' when it comes to sleep! I would describe both my DCs as terrific sleepers - and they are in general. But I remember this phase with dd exactly as you describe. There is no solution - you ride it out, trying different solutions until one works - which in all probability hasn't 'worked' at all, it's just that your dd has left one stage and started another! Try bringing her back to your room, try putting her in your bed, try anything and everything until it stops! This I realise doesn't help you at all, but there is a reason parents are generally sleep deprived!

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