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radka4 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:22:35

My 9 week old girl used to sleep with me, but 2 weeks ago I started to put her into her cot for nite, she sleeps there for 4-5hrs, then she is up for feed and then she sleeps 3 more hrs if I'm lucky. Also she won't take day naps in her cot, only in her swing or in her pram. How can I help her to sleep longer during nite and have naps in her bed during day too? Thanks

EmmaLL25 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:14:02

I think her night sleep sounds pretty good. Wish my 9 month old slept that much.

Not much help I know - just envious!

claremoss Mon 10-Feb-14 10:42:14

what time does she go to bed?
As for daytime naps, Don't worry if she won't nap in the cot, as long as she naps somewhere! I got myself soooo stressed about trying to get my 7MO to nap in her cot, when she naps perfectly well in her buggy! It doesn't matter, honestly. The only advice for naps I would give is to expect problems when you change the pram to a buggy. I did it expecting my LO to adapt straight away, but should have really gone for lots of walks with it changed before expecting her to nap in it. Is fine now though grin)

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