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Have we taken cot sides off too soon?

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Tinks30 Sat 08-Feb-14 06:27:34

Please help me!!!!! I'm an exhausted mum of 26mth old twins who have gone from sleeping perfectly to waking at 5am! Last thurs we took the sides off their beds - OH just decided it was time. I wasn't so sure. The other prob now is that they are fighting their nap which means I might get 30mins nap at most which just makes for 3 cranky girls - me because I don't get a break or anything done and the twins because they are tired confused
I'm wondering whether to put the sides back on or persevere. They're still too young to understand their gro-clock. Thinking to try again in a couple of months.

Misty9 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:38:28

I felt your pain. We took sides off ds cot bed when he was 22 months after he started screaming at bedtime. Previously self settled and slept brilliantly. 6 months later we seem to have cracked the night time wanderings into our room with a sticker chart and he more often than not sleeps through now.

I too seriously considered putting sides back on but knew he had to make the transition sooner or later. Maybe try reward system for early waking? Ds loves his crap homemade star chart and talks about it all the time.

I'm currently sat outside his room trying a drastic new technique to address ridiculously long bedtime... not going to plan! Can't imagine having two same age to contend with!

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