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20mo sleep gone wrong, used to be alright...

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sharond101 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:49:37

My DS 20mo was a reasonable sleeper (slept all night 7.30 - 7am) until 2 months ago when he started waking in the night and taking a long time to settle back to sleep. He also has been waking really early (been awake since 4am this morning.) When he wakes in the night I have tried not responding to him which results in an hour of whining then crying which is where I gave in and went to him. I now go in and tuck him into his cover and leave the room. I do this repeatedly until he either settles or starts getting too upset. Then I resort to lying on his floor and holding his hand or stroking his face. This can take over an hour to work. As a last resort I take him into the spare room but this only works until 6am as we live beside the railway and from the spare room the noise can be heard.
He normally naps from 12.30 - 2pm. I cut his nap down to 1hour 30minutes from 2 hours, 3 weeks ago to see if this helped, after 1 week it seemed to help but after two days it went back to as it is. I have tried giving him supper, no reslult, later bed, no improvement and tonight I have put an extra layer of clothes on him. I am worried he is just in a bad habit. Any suggestions?

Dragonboobs Sat 08-Feb-14 19:47:37

No advice but my 20 m old is doing the same. I'm on my knees with tiredness so hoping someone comes along with some advice for us.

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